Class 22 of my ’52 Classes in 2015′ Challenge: Crochet Class

For the 22nd class of my ‘Project 52: 52 Classes in 2015’ challenge I took myself along to a crochet class.

Crochet ClassThe crochet  class was held at a venue I’ve been to before, The Make It Shop in Chorlton. Our teacher for the day was a lady called Sarah Steer who works with French Knots craft studio.

There were only 5 of us in the  crochet class (all females) , which was great as it meant that Sarah had plenty of time to spend with each of us during the 2 hour class. The class was held on a Friday night from 7:30-9:30pm, which is great for anyone who works and may not be able to get to daytime classes.

Granted, it’s not quite a Rock’n’Roll way to spend a Friday evening, but it was a very enjoyable way to spend a creative couple of hours de-stressing after a working week.

Once we had our drinks, Sarah showed us items which she had crocheted.

I was really amazed at the variety of items which could be made using just wool and a crochet hook! Crochet can be used to make so many more things rather than just the crocheted blankets made from granny squares that my great aunt and grandparents had. Sarah showed us beautiful blankets, however she also showed us crochet toys, crochet handbags, cushions, and so many other gorgeous things she had created. There really are so many things you can choose to make!

Sarah went on to explain about the different thickness of wool which can be used to crochet, together with telling us how the different crochet hook thicknesses combine with the different wool thicknesses to give different effects and finishes to your crocheted items. This also applies to knitting.

Wools and hook chosen, it was time for us to create our ‘granny square’. This will be the foundation of any creative crochet masterpiece we might create in the future…

Sarah showed us how to create the slip stitches on our crochet hook, and then showed us step-by-step how to turn these into the granny square patterns, changing stitch and wool colour to create a unique and interesting effect.

Whilst Sarahs tuition was great, and the rest of the class were soon crocheting along, I found it quite challenging as I’m a left-hander. After a day at work, my brain struggled a little watching Sarah, then trying to flip her instructions so that it worked for my left handedness.

After about 20 minutes of trying, I decided that it wasn’t working for me, so decided that I would try and do it the right-handed way so that I could exactly copy Sarah and the rest of the class.

Sarah helped me catch up with the rest of the crochet class, and, with her speedy stitching, I was soon caught up with my fellow classmates , creating my crochet granny square, changing wool colours and stitch types so that the square began to take shape. The pattern of which stitches I needed to make was eventually sinking in.

The two hours in the class really flew, and soon it was time to leave. Whilst the class was enjoyable, I think this is the first class which I will re-take, as I didn’t have time to fully finish my square.

Just a few of the lovely things which can be made by Crochet

Just a few of the lovely things which can be made by Crochet

I love the way that crocheted items look, and would love to be able to create a blanket as beautiful as the ones Sarah showed us, however I think I need a little more tuition and practice to turn this into an enjoyable hobby.

It is simple enough to create a crocheted item, however, I think that I just need a refresher class to make sure that the techniques and stitches Sarah taught me fully sink into my brain, so that crochet becomes more enjoyable than stressful!

It would be really lovely to produce a hand crocheted blanket to snuggle under in the cold wintery nights., so I will persevere with crochet. They are a lovely heirloom, and are a truly personal gift to give.

The crocheted bags and cushions looked fab too, very fashionable and not at all granny-ish! You can Crochet Flowers, clothing and so much more – the only limit is your creativity (or the creativity of those who create that many crochet pattern books which are available).

I’d recommend a crochet class to anyone looking for a simple and low cost hobby – all you need is some wool and a hook.

It’s a very portable way to spend your leisure time too. It’s very easy to carry these items in your handbag, and spend a few minutes at a time creating your handmade item.

I think that this would be a great thing for older children to do too, as it’s a really simple skill once learned – great for keeping the kids occupied! Maybe on long car journeys?

If you are tempted to try crochet you can look for classes on our website, and, if you can’t find one in your area please let us know so that we can help you find a local instructor.

If you can crochet, we’d love to see the items you’ve created, and for you to share your experiences of being a crocheter over on our Facebook page, or in the comments below.


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